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What is Occupy The System?

Occupy The System is a place for civil discourse. Our goal is to provide information about politicians and legislation to serve as a jumping off point for community discussion. Occupy The System is meant to be a nonpartisan resource. The data we provide is biographical and legislative, taken from congressional sources and organizations such as The Sunlight Foundation. We will allow users to crowd-source site wide ettiquette to be used in the sections where conversations take place. The goal is to help each other learn about politics, encourage civic engagement, and collectively take part in meaningful conversations about the future of our government and society.

Find a bill. Take a stand!

If you find a bill you are interested, take a stance and share it. You can take a position for are against bills. Below are some examples of stances our users are taking currently.
schenckp supports H.R.5091


arborgirl opposes S.2280

""None of the arguments in support of this bill stand up under scrutiny. The jobs created are limited and temporary. There may be an economic boost for Canada, but at the expense of the U.S. and our valuable natural resources. This oil is not for use in the U.S. and there's no evidence its exportation will impact our gas prices at all, much less for the better. However, there is clear and quantified evidence that passing the Keystone XL pipeline will harm America's economy, and our national security and our public health. No one with basic understanding of climate science (ie we live in a closed atmosphere) denies that the burning of this high-sulfur, high-lead fuel will speed the effects of climate change including sea level rise, droughts, and extreme weather events, including fire. Even the Pentagon acknowledges these very real and growing dangers ( A vote for Keystone is vote against America, and I am extremely grateful that at least one of my Senators is taking a long view.""

Why Occupy?

Our legislative system is complicated. Navigating it successfully requires a thorough understanding of legal processes and procedures. As a result of this complication the "system" as it stands is currently only occupied by the politicians who write the laws. OccupyTheSystem.Org was created with the belief that real fundamental change can only occur if the people the system most affects are capable of understanding and participating in it. The staff of Occupy The System is made up of a community of passionate developers, educators, and poltical scientists with the common goal of making America's legislative system less complicated, and easier to approach.

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